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Author: Alisha Taweel

Enchanting Delaware Wedding

November 8, 2023 The Waterfall, Wedding Films


Crystal chandeliers and lavish ballrooms, Tiffany accents, and fragrant blooms set the stage for an enchanting Delaware wedding. At the mesmerizing Waterfall Banquet in Delaware, Lindsey and Stephen embarked on a journey that can only be described as a true Cinderella dream.

Against the backdrop of the majestic Waterfall and the charm of Delaware, the couple’s union unfolded. The grandeur of the surroundings, from the towering marble columns to the lush gardens, elevated their special day into a wedding that captivated all who attended.

Stephen and Lindsey stand hand in hand, exchanging vows in front of towering marble pillars that encircle them. The atmosphere is filled with happiness as numerous guests and bridesmaids look on with joyful anticipation.

With hearts full of joy, the couple exchanged their heartfelt vows, surrounded by the timeless beauty of the setting. As their promises echoed, the celebration continued, transitioning seamlessly from the ceremony to a lively reception. Laughter and delight filled the air as guests danced with carefree whimsy in the cascade ballroom, a true hallmark of this enchanting Delaware wedding.

Stephen watches Lindsey walk down the aisle.

Lindsey, an embodiment of elegance and grace, wore a stunning backless lace dress, radiating beauty and joy. By her side, Stephen stood confidently in his dashing blue suit, a testament to their shared journey. The moments were expertly captured by the talented Ashlee Mintz, who skillfully preserved every glittering detail of this enchanting Delaware wedding.

Stephen hold Lindsey and kisses her forehead.

As videographers, we felt privileged to have been part of Lindsey and Stephen’s delightful wedding, a night that will forever shine in their hearts. We raise our glasses in a heartfelt toast, wishing them a long life of love and happiness as they begin this new chapter together. Here’s to the magic of an enchanting Delaware wedding that will continue to inspire and captivate.

Reception at Union Trust in Philly, PA

October 9, 2023 Wedding Films

A view of the high ceiling Union Trust ballroom before guests arrive.In the heart of Center City Philadelphia, Maggie and Rich celebrated their reception at Union Trust, an enchanting venue that flawlessly merged historic charm with their love story. Adorned by London Florist, the ballroom radiated elegance, echoing the vibrant energy of the city’s beating heart.

Maggie and Rich hold each other during their first dance.Amidst the grandeur of high ceilings and marble columns that pay homage to Union Trust’s rich past, MG Entertainment filled the reception at Union Trust with music and dance that encapsulated the essence of Center City’s liveliness.

Bouquet stem wrap detailsBaiada was there to capture these cherished moments, creating a visual tale that will endure. As stars lit up the night sky over Center City, Maggie, Rich, and their loved ones carried memories of a celebration that not only marked their union but also became a cherished part of Philadelphia’s timeless promise—a promise of love, history, and a future illuminated by the shared adventure they embarked upon within the heart of Center City.

Lobster hors' d'oeuvres in cocktail glasses.We wholeheartedly extend our hopes for Maggie and Rich to experience a life filled with richness and vitality.

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Chloe and Kyle’s Five-Star Wedding at The Logan Hotel

September 25, 2023 The Logan Hotel, Wedding Films



Introducing Chloe and Kyle! Their union was celebrated in the embrace of springtime’s splendor at the esteemed five-star venue, The Logan Hotel, nestled in the heart of Philadelphia. Against the backdrop of the Logan Square neighborhood, their modern and elegant event found the perfect stage for their wedding in Philly. As they crossed the threshold, the iconic Philadelphia Museum of Art stood alongside symphony architectural marvels. Inside The Logan, guests were treated to an array of amenities and breathtaking panoramic views.

Chloe and Kyle hold each other's hands during the ceremony.

Chloe adorned a glamorous, glittering gown while Kyle exuded sophistication in his classic black tuxedo. The magic of the ceremony made its way into The Logan Hotel’s grand ballroom, offering the ideal setting for a lively celebration, true to a wedding in Philly. The ballroom flawlessly accommodated their entire wedding.

Chloe stands in her wedding gown beside a window before the ceremony.

A Philadelphia wedding is a canvas of excitement, and Chloe and Kyle’s wedding radiated this spirit. The energetic music curated by Silver Sound ignited the dance floor, captivating everyone into a night of merriment. Philip Gabriel‘s skilled le

ns immortalized every dance move, ensuring that the joyous moments would last forever. Amidst a kaleidoscope of colors, gowns sparkled like stars, illuminating the festivities of their unforgettable wedding in Philly.

Chloe and Kyle dance on the ballroom floor lit with gorgeous pink lighting.Congratulations to Chloe and Kyle on orchestrating a wedding brimming with success and enchantment in the heart of Philadelphia, a city that thrives on vibrant celebrations and unforgettable love stories. It was an honor for us to be part of this remarkable chapter in their lives.

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Skyscraper Wedding in Philadelphia

August 28, 2023 Vue on 50, Wedding Films

In a mesmerizing fusion of elegance and modernity, Alex and Caroline celebrated their marriage with a striking skyscraper wedding in Philadelphia. Their union was a captivating blend of contemporary style and classic charm, evident in every detail of their special day. Dressed impeccably, Alex donned a dark maroon suit, exuding sophistication, while Caroline’s choice of an elegant silk gown and stylish hairstyle added a touch of timeless beauty to the occasion.

Alex saying vows to Caroline, who listens and smiles.

Bar cocktail list featuring a dog. Items include margarita, wine, and beer selections

Perched atop the magnificent Vue on 50 skyscraper, the couple selected a venue that mirrored the exceptional nature of their love. The views from this vantage point were nothing short of awe-inspiring, showcasing the iconic Philadelphia skyline in all its glory. Against this breathtaking backdrop, Alex and Caroline embarked on a journey that would forever weave their destinies together. EBE Rio , entrusted with the task of providing the perfect musical accompaniment, elevated the celebration to new heights. Their melodic charm resonated through the skyscraper, infusing the atmosphere with joy and rhythm, a reflection of the vibrant love story that unfolded that day. As videographers, we had the privilege of capturing this beautiful narrative of love, from the heartfelt vows exchanged to the shared laughter among friends. Each frame painted a portrait of unwavering devotion that will stand as a testament to their enduring bond.

Vibrant wedding celebration at Vue on 50. Crowded reception room with dancing guests celebrating to a live wedding band.

As they step into this new chapter of their lives together, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Alex and Caroline. Their journey is a remarkable one, and we take immense pride in having played a role in capturing their love story amidst the splendor of a skyscraper wedding in Philadelphia. Collaborating with some of the industry’s finest professionals, their day was elevated to a level of beauty and enchantment that will be cherished for years to come.

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Wedding at Overbrook Golf Club in Radnor, PA

August 21, 2023 Wedding Films

Geoff and Victoria’s enchanting June wedding at Overbrook Golf Club will forever hold a place in the hearts of all who attended. The sprawling green golf fields of the Overbrook Golf Club provided a breathtaking backdrop, infusing their special day with natural beauty and timeless elegance. Against this stunning setting, the couple exchanged their heartfelt vows as the sun gracefully dipped below the horizon, casting a warm and golden glow over the celebration. Their love was surrounded by the embrace of nature, amplified by the gathering of their closest family and friends, making the day even more meaningful.

Geoff and Victoria happily cut their wedding cake inside of the Overbrook Golf Club Ballroom

The transition from the heartfelt ceremony to the elegant reception in the Overbrook ballroom was seamless and filled with anticipation. The golden chandeliers suspended from the ceiling illuminated the room with a soft, enchanting light, setting the stage for a night of pure joy and laughter. Under the masterful tunes of the Vincent James Band, the atmosphere came alive with dancing and celebration, as guests joined Geoff and Victoria in marking the beginning of their new chapter together. The harmonious blend of nature’s beauty, the refined ballroom ambiance, and the genuine connections among loved ones turned this wedding at Overbrook Golf Club into an experience that resonated deeply with all in attendance.
Inside the Overbrook Golf Club Ballroom before the celebration. The room is brightly lit and filled with round tables and chairs nicely decorated awaiting guests arrival.

As Geoff and Victoria embark on this new journey together as a married couple, we extend our warmest congratulations and heartfelt wishes. May your days be filled with boundless love, shared adventures, and endless happiness.

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Glamorous Ballroom at the Ben Wedding

August 18, 2023 Wedding Films

Congratulations to Christie and Mickey on a glamorous Philadelphia ballroom wedding. It was an exciting and beautiful event, and we’re thrilled to have captured moments from their love story that will be cherished for years to come. Christie and Mickey chose an absolutely perfect setting for their glamorous celebration: The Ballroom at The Ben, a truly regal and royal ballroom in Philadelphia, graced with high ceilings and an endless sense of space.

Wedding guest makes a toast.

The energy on their special day seemed boundless, amplified by the incredible talents of the renowned Jellyroll who filled the air with their sought-after music. Capturing every precious moment was Ashley Gerrity, ensuring that memories were forever frozen in time. With a gathering of amazing people, overflowing love, and a fantastic performance in this glamorous Phildalphia ballroom, we can only anticipate a radiant and promising future for both Christie and Mickey. Here’s to their bright and wonderful Philadelphia ballroom wedding, a day that will forever shine in their hearts.Bridesmaids and bride stand close together for the photographs.

Historic Philadelphia Wedding Venue

Kendall & Lou’s  Celebration of Love at the Bellevue Hotel

The Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been a sought-after wedding venue for over a century, thanks to its stunning architecture, luxurious amenities, and rich history. For Kendall and Lou, it was the perfect place to start their journey as husband and wife and celebrate their love in a grand and romantic setting.

Their emotional wedding video starts on the Bellevue Hotel balcony overlooking Center City Philadelphia, where the couple spoke their vows with tears in their eyes. With Morby Photography and Allure Films capturing every moment, the sunny summer day provided a picturesque backdrop for the ceremony.

Inside the hotel, the tall windows let the light flow onto the couple, while the cascading curtains created a romantic ambiance. The Bellevue Hotel has a rich history and has been inhabited by some of the most famous people in politics and entertainment, including Marilyn Monroe and Theodore Roosevelt.

The couple took photos in the famous XIX (Nineteen) Restaurant, located on the 19th floor, and on the sweeping marble staircases. The Bellevue Hotel is known for its master architecture, and the couple took full advantage of it.

The grand ballroom was the perfect location for the reception, filled with flowers by Carry Fabuflorals and decorated by All About Events. The grand chandelier and towering cake welcomed guests to the impressive ballroom, where EBE Rio handled the entertainment. Dancing, smiles, and laughter filled the room as the couple celebrated their love with family and friends.

The Bellevue Hotel has a rich history and has hosted many famous guests over the years, including political figures, entertainers, and even royalty. The grand ballroom has hosted countless events, from weddings to charity galas, and it was the perfect location for Kendall and Lou’s special day.

As the event came to a close, tears were shed, and Lou was welcomed into the family. Kendall and Lou’s emotional Bellevue Hotel wedding was a luxurious celebration of love that will be remembered for years to come. Congratulations to the happy couple, and may their love continue to grow stronger with each passing day.

The Bellevue Hotel is an iconic and historic Philadelphia wedding venue, offering a grand and romantic setting for couples looking to start their journey as husband and wife. With its stunning architecture, luxurious amenities, and rich history, it’s no wonder why it’s been a sought-after venue for over a century.

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