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Happy Anniversary Samantha and Spencer!

Philadelphia Wedding Videographer

| Rittenhouse Hotel Wedding  | Allure Films

Rittenhouse hotel wedding

On June 26th, Allure Films had the honor to be Samantha and Spencer’s wedding videographer in Philadelphia.  

We are celebrating their one year wedding anniversary!  We are so glad our team filmed their beautiful wedding day and captured so many heartwarming moments. They held the wedding at the lavish beautiful  Rittenhouse Hotel that overlooks  Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Rittenhouse Hotel is rated Four-Star because their team caters to every aspect of your wedding to make it an elegant and memorable event.

Samantha and Spencer were such a great couple to work with, and we are so glad our Allure Films team was able to record their special day. They shared their endearing story with us, as high school sweethearts, Samantha and Spencer have grown up together and learned to love each other more each year as time went on. Your spouse should be both your love and your best friend. Samantha and Spencer are both of these to each other, making them an amazing couple and such an honor to meet them.

While they exchanged vows, family and friends looked on with love & support. Beautiful flowers hung overhead on the chuppah.  A chuppah holds a beautiful tradition and symbolism. It represents the Jewish home with its four posts and its cloth canopy.  The gorgeous arrangement was from Evantine Design. When the two exchanged their first kiss as husband and wife, their guests erupted with applause.

During the reception, more of Evantine Design’s arrangements decorated the beautiful venue. Everyone mingled and hugged the bride and groom as they made their entrance. Our friends from Philip Gabriel Photography accompanied us and took great photos of the special day. The crowd of guests kept their feet moving to music from Empire Sound throughout the night. There was so much excitement, especially when the couple was lifted in the air during the hora. The Hora, or chair dance typically danced to the music of the traditional Jewish song. The bride and groom are often hoisted into the air on chairs while their friends and family dance in a circle around them. Such an awesome tradition!  

Their families welcomed each other with open arms and raved about having new family members that they are so grateful for.  Many people commented that they were their favorite couple. The reception was filled with hugs, heartfelt speeches, and of course, love.  You could feel the love in the air!

We had such a great time filming Samantha and Spencer’s wedding day for them. We are happy to know that they can always relive that day through their wedding film. These are special moments that capture the spirit of the day.  Congratulations again Samantha and Spencer! We know you have many more great memories to come. Happy anniversary!

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Elisa and Bryce’s Union Trust Wedding

June 17, 2020 Union Trust, Wedding Films

union trustElisa and Bryce celebrated their wedding day at Finley Catering’s Union Trust Ballroom. The two couldn’t have picked a better venue to celebrate their special day. Throughout the day, our Allure Films team captured their unforgettable memories on film.

For a couple like Elisa and Bryce, it is so easy to showcase their love on film. Every person at their reception talked about Elisa’s “heart of gold” and Bryce’s ability to match that love. Marriages make a team, and Elisa and Bryce make the best one.

During the reception, we worked alongside our friends from Baiada Photography. As they photographed and we filmed, Silver Sound DJs kept everyone’s energy up on the dance floor. Filled with smiles, laughter, dancing, and most importantly, love, Elisa and Bryce celebrated a beautiful wedding day.

We’re so honored to have filmed Elisa and Bryce’s wedding at Union Trust. We wish you two all the best, congratulations again!

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Megan and Mike’s Wedding at the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve

We have filmed many wedding days over the years at Ellis Preserve, but this one was even more special. We’ve worked alongside Megan, who is the Maitre D for Finley Ballroom, but we finally got to film her own special day. In a beautiful church ceremony, Megan and her fiance, Mike, exchanged their vows to become husband and wife. After, they made their way to Ellis Preserve for their reception.

During this wonderful day, we worked alongside our friend from Baiada Photography. The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve gave us a spectacular backdrop to capture every moment. Masquerade entertained and kept everyone out on the dancefloor to continue the celebration.

During the reception, many people gave speeches about Megan and Mike’s relationship. However, one phrase stood out: “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because your reality is finally better than your dreams.” Our Allure Films team was so lucky to film such an incredible day for the two.

Megan and Mike, we hope you both have the best life together, and we wish you many more joyful memories. Congratulations again!

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An Enchanting Wedding at Terrain Gardens

May 27, 2020 Wedding Films

Laura and Tyler celebrated their New Year’s celebration a little differently this past year. They gathered their family and friends to bring in the new year and to also help them celebrate their marriage. The two exchanged their vows in a church ceremony, and then traveled to Terrain Gardens for their reception.

Terrain’s greenery and twinkling lights created the perfect backdrop for their enchanting reception. Inside, guests signed jenga blocks to help the two “build memories.” From the precise details to the charming venue, Laura and Tyler had a picturesque Terrain wedding day. Our Allure Films team was so grateful to capture so many precious moments.

The best part of the big day, however, was seeing Laura and Tyler’s love for each other. The two couldn’t stop smiling the whole day. They celebrated with their family and friends, dancing the night away. As the clock struck twelve, balloons fell from the ceiling over the reception. Laura and Tyler’s wedding had a little bit of everything, but most importantly, it had love.

We hope you have had a happy new year so far, and continue to have more great years in the future. Congratulations Laura and Tyler!

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A Romantic Wedding Day at The Lucy

The LucyDana and Vincent shared a beautiful wedding day together. They started the day getting ready at the Logan Hotel. After preparing for the big day, they made their way to the church. After saying “I do,” the two made their way into center city for their reception. With the view of City Hall in the background, Morby Photography snapped joyful photographs of the newlyweds.

After the photo ops, everyone made their way inside for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Dana and Vincent celebrated at The Lucy by Cescaphe. With twinkling gold accents and a romantic setting, The Lucy was a perfect venue choice.

Everyone had a blast at the reception. Dana and Vincent danced with all of their guests and could not stop smiling. Each side of the newly connected families gave heartfelt speeches to the bride and groom. We are so honored that our Allure Films team could capture such a heartfelt day.

Congratulations Dana and Vincent! We wish you many more smiling days together.

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Happy Anniversary Vito and Bill

April 28, 2020 Wedding Films

We want to wish a happy anniversary to our good friends, Vito and Bill! It is always a pleasure to work beside friends, and it is even better to capture their wedding day. Vito and Bill celebrated in style at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya. Their beachside wedding was the perfect mix of sentimental and exciting.

Our crew at Allure Films filmed the day for our friends’ beachside wedding. Vito and Bill also asked our partners at Pictures by Todd to photograph their big day. They captured beautiful and breezy photos of our happy couple enjoying their day in the sun.

Like they said in their vows, Vito and Bill, you do truly fit together like legos. We were so honored to be a part of your big day and wish you all the best. Happy two years!

For a look inside their exciting wedding day, check out the video below!

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For a more details on their big day, read our first post all about their wedding day


Happy Anniversary Brittany and John!

April 16, 2020 Wedding Films

We have another anniversary this week from Tuesday, and want to congratulate Brittany and John! Brittany and John celebrated their outdoor wedding at the scenic Terrain. We worked alongside our friends from Baiada Photography for this beautiful day.

Brittany and John had an intimate wedding ceremony with personalized vows. Their family and friends eached shared a speech during the ceremony as well. They shared sentiments about love and dedication to inspire the couple going forward.

After, everyone transitioned inside to the natural and rustic venue, covered in greenery from Terrain. The rest of the night was filled with dancing, laughter, and love. It was a touching event to film, and we’re so grateful our Allure Films team could capture it.

Happy anniversary Brittany and John!

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A Gorgeous Wedding Day at the Ballroom at the Ben

We had the honor of filming Colleen and Steve’s wedding day at the Ballroom at the Ben. The two had a beautiful church ceremony, but then continued on to their reception at the Ballroom at the Ben. This Finley Catering venue was the perfect  choice for their elegant wedding day.

They celebrated with the help of EBE Talent, who kept everyone on the dancefloor. Evantine Design made this day even more beautiful with their gorgeous decor. Our Allure Films team captured this day on film and worked alongside Alison Conklin Photography who took photographs for the couple.

Colleen and Steve truly had such a heartwarming and special day. Every family member and friend seemed to have something to say about their favorite couple. Colleen’s sister said in her speech, “If I could have handpicked a guy for my sister to marry, it would have been Steve.” Everyone agrees that they are a “10/10” couple overall!

Congratulations Colleen and Steve! We wish you many more joyful days together.

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Kelly and Michael’s Wedding Day at Union Trust

March 18, 2020 Union Trust, Wedding Films

union trustKelly and Michael celebrated a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony and then a reception at the Union Trust. During the reception, Michael’s family expressed their joy in finally having Kelly as part of the family.

Kelly’s father also welcomed Michael into their family with open arms all because of one thing Michael said to him. Michael said, “I just want to make Kelly happy.” In all marriages, making your partner happy is the goal, but hearing it aloud from his future son-in-law created a great bond between Kelly’s father and Michael.

Our Allure Films team had a great time filming all of these beautiful moments. We also worked alongside our friends from Philip Gabriel Photography who took beautiful photos of the couple in and around Union Trust. Silver Sound DJs entertained Kelly, Michael, and their guests and kept everyone on the dancefloor. Finley Catering also provided amazing food for everyone at Union Trust. The whole day was filled with so much joy from everyone, making Kelly and Michael’s day even more special.

Congratulations again Kelly and Michael! We wish you many more days filled with smiles and laughter.

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A Colorful Wedding at the Ellis Preserve

ellis preserveChristine and Bill celebrated a colorful outdoor wedding at Ellis Preserve. From the light pink underlay of Christine’s dress to her vibrant flower arrangements, everything was bright and cheerful. The brightest part of the day, however, was Christine and Bill’s love for each other.

After a heartfelt ceremony outside, Christine danced back down the aisle with her new husband to continue their day inside the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve. They had a grand entrance and started their reception with great entertainment from Silver Sound DJ’s. Christine, Bill, and all of their guests danced the night away inside and enjoyed great cuisine from Finley Catering.

It was easy for our Allure Films team to capture this day on film because Christine and Bill fit so effortlessly together. Finley Catering’s venue also creates the perfect wedding backdrop for film. Our friends from Campli Photography joined us and took beautiful photos throughout the day.

Congratulations Christine and Bill! We wish you many more exciting days together!

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