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A Heartfelt Wedding at the Kimmel Center

September 11, 2019 Blog, Jewish, Kimmel Center

kimmel centerJames and Kara dated for four years before tieing the knot at the Kimmel Center. Together, they read each other personalized vows. James chose a poem for Kara, mixed with funny anecdotes and heartfelt thoughts. James wrapped up his vows by saying, “Kara you mean everything in the world to me, you complete my life, it’s time to end this poem, so I can finally call you my wife.”

Their ceremony had many touching moments. Family members took turns wishing them well and helping to join them together. Holding back tears, Kara’s brother and best friend officially pronounced them husband and wife.  In between the ceremony and reception, the Kimmel Center transformed for the reception. All About Events made sure that everything went smoothly and beautifully for the happy couple. We also worked with Emily Wren Photography who helped capture this special day. For entertainment, BVT Live’s Jellyroll also performed at the reception. The loving atmosphere and excellent music kept everyone together on the dancefloor.

Our Allure Films team was so grateful to be a part of James and Kara’s day at the Kimmel Center.  We hope every day is filled with happiness and love. Congratulation Kara and James!

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A Wedding at the Phillies’ Ballpark

September 13, 2018 Wedding Films

Citizens Bank Park WeddingOn their wedding day, Kelly and Scott became their own team in Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies. Filled with excitement, the couple could not wait to get married in their favorite team’s home field. The sporty couple had their beautiful ceremony in the Phillies’ Hall of Fame.

Before their big day, the two met in middle school and have known each other for sixteen years. They met as children and grew up together and into a wonderful couple. Kelly held back tears as she read her heartfelt vows to Scott, while Scott reminisced on their first meeting. As soon as they were announced husband and wife, their guests cheered and waved Phillies rally towels to celebrate.

After the ceremony, the party relocated to the Diamond Club for the reception. The baseball theme went into every detail of their wedding. Guests signed notes to the bride and groom on a replica of home plate and a baseball bat adorned the top of the wedding cake. The Phillie Phanatic even joined in on the fun to dance with guests and help Kelly and Scott celebrate their special day.

Allure Films was able to film the unique ceremony and reception. We were even able to get some exclusive clips in the Phillies’ locker room.

We wish the best of luck for the new team! Congratulations Kelly and Scott!

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How To Prepare For Your Wedding Vows

June 22, 2015 Blog, Wedding Films

wedding ceremony vowsYour wedding is one brief day in time, and although your vows are spoken in a matter of minutes, they are promises that will last a lifetime.

This moment is the anchor that holds your past and your future together. Since it represents your public declaration of your love and marriage promises, it is important to be emotionally prepared.

Why Vows Are Important

Throughout your relationship, you have been many things to one another – acquaintance, friend, companion, lover, dancing partner, and even teacher. And now, you get to add “spouse” to this ever-growing list.

During your time together, you have both learned that good company and friendship count for more than wealth, looks, power, or position. You have realized that the journey of marriage is a path that is best gone through with a great companion.

The symbolic vows that you make are a way of acknowledging every promise you have made and and every hope or dream you’ve shared, and those you will make and share together for years to come.

Writing Your Own Vows

It is always a nice touch when couples write their own vows. It’s the best way to bring personality into your wedding ceremony, and a great way to engage the audience. Expressing your love on paper may seem daunting, but it’s easier than you’d think.

Take the time to consider the things you love about your partner and write down a few memories that come to mind. Think about the promises that you’ve made and include them in the vows. At the end, remember to include your goals, aspirations, and qualities you want to embrace as a couple in the future.

Check Lauren and Tony’s unique custom vow exchange for some inspiration!

Captured by Allure Films at the The Ashford Estate. 

Traditional Vows

Many couples choose to use standard wedding vows. Traditional marriage vows symbolize your love and commitment and show regard for a tradition or religion. They can also evokes a sense of respect to marriage as a sacred institution that deserves to be revered by your guest.

Capturing The Moment

This monumental moment will come and go quickly – make sure it is documented by a professional. At Allure Films, we understand this better than most. That’s why we take special care when capturing the sights and sounds of your big day.

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