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Wedding Wire #5

June 6, 2013

Wedding Wire Bride's ChoiceThere was no other choice for us when we were deciding on a videographer.I told my fiance that if we were going to go with a videographer at our wedding I wanted only the best – he asked who that was and I said Tim Sudall at Video One. My fiance was immediately in agreement after speaking with Tim for just a few minutes.

Tim’s philosophy on capturing a wedding is exactly what we wanted.

He and his assistant, Nick, were so much so in the background that I never saw them during the ceremony and rarely saw them during the reception. I can’t wait to see those moments that we missed – I know the video is going to be unbelievable!

via WeddingWire

Wedding Wire #4

June 6, 2013

Wedding Wire Bride's ChoiceTim and his team did a great job with our wedding video. They were very easy to work with throughout the planning process. They were also true professionals on the day of the wedding, capturing everything and anticipating what would be happening.I  would highly recommend them.

From Jessica via WeddingWire

Wedding Wire #3

June 6, 2013

Wedding Wire Bride's ChoiceI know I made a really great decision to have video at my wedding. Thinking back, I missed so many things (like everyone walking down the aisle) and I’m grateful knowing that I’ll be able to see it on our video! Tim and his son (his second shooter) were absolutely amazing on our wedding day. They were always where they needed to be without being intrusive and I can’t wait to see our video.

From Rebecca via WeddingWire

Wedding Wire #2

June 6, 2013

Wedding Wire Bride's ChoiceTim and his team were absolutely incredible to work with. Tim was responsive and extremely helpful in working with our venue behind the scenes to make sure that everything came out perfectly for our big day. Video One captured all of the big moments during our wedding, and no one even knew we had a videographer, which was great because that meant that the videographers weren’t pushing people out of the way to get the perfect vantage point (which we have been victims of in other weddings and definitely wanted to avoid in our own wedding).

Tim sent us our 5-minute wedding trailer very soon after our wedding, and it was so nice to relive our wedding and see all the little details again.

The trailer was AMAZING. Every single person we showed it to loved the video, and it was the perfect length to share with family and friends. The full video included the entire ceremony, all of the speeches, and all of the special moments, and we are so glad we have this footage to share with our family and friends for years to come. We would highly recommend Video One!

From Catherine via WeddingWire

Wedding Wire #1

June 6, 2013

Wedding Wire Bride's ChoiceAt first I was undecided on if Kristin and I were going to hire a videographer or not. We weren’t sure on if the cost justified the value and if we were ever going to watch it. We ultimately decided the video wasn’t for us to watch, rather our future generations to see how our wedding was. We were shocked with how quick we received the highlight film. We were actually still on our honeymoon when I received an email (yes I checked my email on my honeymoon) from Tim with the link. Kristin and I were both sobbing in tears in the business center of our resort watching it.

I cannot say enough things about how we never knew there was a videographer at the wedding, and how important the outcome was to our memory of it.

Tim and his team do amazing work and I would recommend them to anyone hosting an event that is worth remembering. 100% best investment we made on our wedding.

From Matt via WeddingWire

Sarah Morrison, All About Events

June 6, 2013

I have had the pleasure of working with Video One at weddings for the past 4 years. Both Tim and Nick are true artists when it comes to cinematography. Their attention to detail and ability to capture every important moment of the day is incredible. From a planner’s perspective, I enjoy working with the Video One team because of their professionalism, fun personalities and expert advise during the planning stages.

One aspect that I find is most important is that their shooting style is very unobtrusive which allows the couple to be comfortable and relaxed even though their are being filmed.

Most of the time I notice that the couple forget’s they are being filmed which allows them to truly enjoy every moment.  The final film is like watching a motion picture of the day.

Sarah Morrison
All About Events

Gabe Fredericks, Philip Gabriel Photography

June 6, 2013

“Allure Films” = The best!!! Being in the creative world we get see lots of films and other professional creatives. When I watch a film that Allure Films has created for one of our clients, it’s like watching the images we created in motion and being able to listen to them at the same time. What I mean is that its nice to work with film makers that document and captures moments like we do.

As a photographer, its very important for us to work alongside film makers that share a similar vision as us.

Seeing the day in a similar light, style, and fashion helps to ensure that we all blend together seamlessly while we document our clients precious moments. Working with the team from Allure Films is like working with members our own team.”

Gabe Fredericks
Philip Gabriel Photography

Tony Baiada, Baiada Photography

March 7, 2013


When my client says they have Video One as their Videographer I know every special moment that takes place will be captured by caring professionals. I always look forward to working with your company because your transparent approach lets each couples love story unfold naturally. This allows both us to capture all the emotions of the day seamlessly.

Tony Baiada
Baiada Photography

Laura Novak, Novak Photography

March 7, 2013

One thing that I always tell my clients is that in order to protect the investment they make in my photography services, it’s of essential importance that a strong collaboration exists between the Photographer and Videographer. Each time I work with VideoOne, I am constantly impressed with their professionalism, unobtrusiveness, and quality of work. My clients always tell me how much they love their wedding videos when they hire VideoOne, which makes me feel very comfortable referring them again and again. I am so glad when I hear that my clients have hired VideoOne as I know that this means I won’t be conflicting with someone who walks in front of my shots, over-directs the bride and groom when they are having a candid moment, or illuminates the subject with a light strong enough to summon superman. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Laura Novak
Novak Photography

Cliff Mautner, Cliff Mautner Photography

March 7, 2013

After 24 years in professional photography, I think I’ve developed a pretty good grasp of the visual arts. In my opinion, Tim Sudall and Video One Productions continue to set the standard of Wedding Video in our region.

Tim and I have shot pretty close to 100 weddings together. Sometimes we see things in a symbiotic fashion, anticipating the same moments during a wedding day. He’s earned my utmost respect as an artist. I’ve watched and studied the way he works and can conclude that has understands light, composition, and texture similar to the way a gifted cinematographer would. He’s a leader in his industry for a reason.

Whenever I know I’ll be shooting beside Video One, I know that we’ll share our art, passion, professionalism, and definitely a few laughs along the way.

A quick story about Tim. After a 10 hour wedding shoot at one of the fabulous Center City Venues we are privileged to work in, the wedding Tim and I were shooting was winding down. Tim’s coverage period had come to an end. After nearly 30 minutes past his coverage time, I saw Tim still observing a particular table. When I asked what he was still doing there, Tim told me he “needs to get a shot he’s been waiting for all night” The brides grandmother was very, very close to the bride, and she was ill. Although his day had really ended, Tim felt he hadn’t captured them interacting in a way that showed the love they had for one another. Tim said, “It’ll happen”. Within moments of him saying that, sure enough, the bride went over to her grandmother, held hands with her, shed a few tears, and gave her a heartfelt embrace. Tim’s determination to get that shot naturally, without staging that moment, has impressed me ever since. As important as that moment was, the bride will never know how hard he worked to get it.

Cliff Mautner
Cliff Mautner Photography