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Cliff Mautner, Cliff Mautner Photography

March 7, 2013

After 24 years in professional photography, I think I’ve developed a pretty good grasp of the visual arts. In my opinion, Tim Sudall and Video One Productions continue to set the standard of Wedding Video in our region.

Tim and I have shot pretty close to 100 weddings together. Sometimes we see things in a symbiotic fashion, anticipating the same moments during a wedding day. He’s earned my utmost respect as an artist. I’ve watched and studied the way he works and can conclude that has understands light, composition, and texture similar to the way a gifted cinematographer would. He’s a leader in his industry for a reason.

Whenever I know I’ll be shooting beside Video One, I know that we’ll share our art, passion, professionalism, and definitely a few laughs along the way.

A quick story about Tim. After a 10 hour wedding shoot at one of the fabulous Center City Venues we are privileged to work in, the wedding Tim and I were shooting was winding down. Tim’s coverage period had come to an end. After nearly 30 minutes past his coverage time, I saw Tim still observing a particular table. When I asked what he was still doing there, Tim told me he “needs to get a shot he’s been waiting for all night” The brides grandmother was very, very close to the bride, and she was ill. Although his day had really ended, Tim felt he hadn’t captured them interacting in a way that showed the love they had for one another. Tim said, “It’ll happen”. Within moments of him saying that, sure enough, the bride went over to her grandmother, held hands with her, shed a few tears, and gave her a heartfelt embrace. Tim’s determination to get that shot naturally, without staging that moment, has impressed me ever since. As important as that moment was, the bride will never know how hard he worked to get it.

Cliff Mautner
Cliff Mautner Photography