Laurie & Derik’s Wedding at The Curtis Center

September 16, 2011 Blog

Watch Laurie and Derik as they prepare at the Loews Hotel for their enchanting wedding celebration. Then follow this lovely bride and groom over to The Curtis Center where they are wedded. As expected, the Loews Hotel provided a breathtaking venue for both the ceremony and reception. Watch the ecstatic couple, and their guests, enjoy Jellyroll’s fantastic music. Treasured moments were photographed by Sarah Dicicco. This bride and groom shared unforgettable memories that will last an eternity.

Video One Productions | Sarah DiCicco Photography | BVT – Jellyroll | Atrium at the Curtis Center

Lauren & Colby’s Wedding at Congress Hall

September 8, 2011 Blog

Watch the sheer bliss on Lauren and Colby’s faces as they celebrate their wedding day at Congress Hall. Surrounded by great family and friends, these two lovebirds said their I do’s on the beach at Congress Hall. Brian Kirk & The Jirks provided remarkable music, which was enjoyed by all. The Reception was a great time for Lauren, Colby, and their guests to dance the night away! Gerard Tomko Wedding Photography was there as well, capturing all the romantic and exciting moments. Video One wishes Lauren and Colby a wonderful future together!

Video One Productions | Congress Hall | Gerard Tomko Wedding Photography | Brian Kirk & The Jirks

Tina & Mike’s Wedding at The Beverly Hills Hotel

September 2, 2011 Destination Weddings

Beverly Hills Hotel ~ Beverly Hills, CA

Video One Productions | Beverly Hills Hotel | Gilded Events | Gavin Wade Photography | Let The Music Play

Cara & Stephen’s Wedding at Bonnet Island

September 1, 2011 Destination Weddings

Bonnet Island

Cara & Stephen shared a magical wedding at Bonnet Island, LBI.
David & Amy Lau Photography | Craig Scott Entertainment

Michelle & Christopher’s Wedding at The Lake House Inn

September 1, 2011 Blog

The Lake House Inn was the perfect fit for Michelle and Christoper’s enchanting wedding experience. The elegant floral arrangements provided excellent decor. The wedding guests were dazzled by the spectacular scenery and captivated by the remarkable music of Urban Guerilla Orchestra. Baiada Photography captured many memories that will last for years to come. Video One was honored to be part of Michelle and Christopher’s great wedding day. Enjoy this short preview film!

Baiada Photography | The Lake House Inn | Urban Guerilla Orchestra

Cait & Mike’s Wedding at The Westin

August 23, 2011 Blog

Cait and Mike shared an emotion-filled wedding ceremony at St. Denis. After being wedded, this lovely bride and groom danced the night away with family and friends at their exquisite reception at The Westin. Debi Parker Photography was capturing this great day every step of the way. As always, Jellyroll provided top notch music during the reception. Video One was honored to be a part of such a special wedding day. We wish the best to Cait and Mike!

Jellyroll | Debi Parker Photography | The Westin

Alyson & Sean’s Wedding at The Brantwyn Mansion

August 22, 2011 Blog

Feel the love as Alyson and Sean exchange looks throughout this impeccable wedding occasion. This lovely couple became husband and wife at the Brantwyn Mansion. Enjoy the floral décor by Sweat Pea, and great tunes of Silver Sound. As always, it was a pleasure to work with our good friends at Philip Gabriel Photography. With such an energizing reception, this short clip is sure to make you want to dance! Video One wishes Alyson and Sean a happy and beautiful life together.

Philip Gabriel Photography | Brantwyn Mansion | Sweat Pea | Philip Gabriel Photography

Jessica & Craig’s Wedding at The Rittenhouse

Watch Jessica & Craig’s lovely wedding day unfold with happiness and passion. As always, The Rittenhouse provided the perfect location for this elegant occasion. Working with Philip Gabriel Photography is always a pleasure for Video One. The great dancing and spirited guests provided Jessica and Craig with a sparkling reception. This wonderful reception was accompanied by the tasteful music of Rio. This is one preview film you don’t want to miss. Congrats Jessica and Craig!

Philip Gabriel Photography | RIO

Alyson & Sean’s Wedding Film Preview

August 18, 2011 Blog

Brantwyn Mansion

Philip Gabriel Photography | Brantwyn Mansion | Sweat Pea | Philip Gabriel Photography

Elena & David’s Wedding Film Preview

August 16, 2011 Uncategorized

Elkins Estate

Philip Gabriel Photography | Cutting Edge Entertainment | OffShoots | Feastivities