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Cescaphe Ballroom Wedding

Cescaphe Ballroom 

Step into Cescaphe’s amazing work when you book at the Cescaphe Ballroom. Cescaphe always goes above and beyond with their venus, and their ballroom is no exception. Cescaphe Ballroom takes you back to the golden age of cinema and old hollywood luxury. This venue is the perfect backdrop for couples looking for somewhere that is both classic and original.

Ballroom Reception

Cescaphe Ballroom Features

This luxurious venue showcases architecture from a cinematic time. Cescaphe Ballroom’s vaulted ceilings and pearl-draped chandeliers will wow you and your guests. Balconies overlook the ballroom, which you can reach from the Main Cocktail Room. For your cocktail hour, guests enter through the Garden Courtyard for their first tastes and drinks. This continues into the Main Cocktail Room, where you can enjoy Cescaphe’s many delicacies.

For the ceremony, the bride descends down the grand staircase. This is a beautiful way to begin the celebration in style. The staircase makes for gorgeous photo opportunities as the bride make the way to the stage. At the front of the ballroom, You and your soon-to-be spouse can exchange vows upon the candle-lit stage. The warmly lit room and elegant features enhance the romantic atmosphere. Your guests will have prime view of the ceremony from the aisle. Just like a movie, couples take center stage as their viewers watch the show unfold.

The Garden Courtyard and Main Cocktail Room

After the ceremony, guests can filter into the Garden Courtyard. In the cooler months, The Lounge is used for the cocktail hour introduction. Sleek black and gold accents in the Lounge highlight the venue’s cinematic theme. The next part of the cocktail hour moves into the The Main Cocktail Room. This room is located above Cescaphe Ballroom and overlooks the venue. You and your guests can overlook the ballroom from the balconies while enjoying appetizers off the forty-foot food library and cocktails from the bar.  In the background, music from a baby grand piano can be heard to set the mood even more.

Cescaphe Main Cocktail Room

Cescaphe’s Dedication to Service

Downstairs, the Cescaphe team prepares the ballroom for the rest of the reception. They transform the ceremony space into a dining area while chefs prepare dinner. Along with this classic venue, Cescaphe’s service and cuisine is unmatched. The Cescaphe teams takes care of all of your needs to make sure everything is taken care of and the day goes as smooth as possible. Any wedding at Cescaphe is all about the experience. From beginning to end, your big day will feel nothing short Wedding Ceremonyof magnificent. From venue to service, Cescaphe encompasses elegance and romance.


The Cescaphe Ballroom is a perfect fit for couples looking to create a classic and romantic wedding day. Impress your guests when you book with Cescaphe. Want your wedding day to be as luxurious as this venue? Make sure every second of your special day is captured by the city’s best wedding videographers! Click here to contact Allure Films about our comprehensive wedding videography packages.