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Phoenixville Foundry

Phoenixville Foundry, an Industrial and Modern Wedding Venue

Phoenixville Foundry is a perfect venue for couples looking for something aside from the classic ballroom. On the edge of Chester County, this Phoenixville venue excompasses the history of the area. As Phoenixville’s primary event venue, it reflects the town’s industrial history.  The Foundry’s rustic charm will wow you and your guests from the moment you approach the venue.

Phoenixville Foundry History

The venue holds original structure from 1882. Originally used as a foundry for the Phoenix Iron and Steel company, it now blends history with a modern style. Inside, you can find snippets of history. One of the most fascinating pieces is the original wooden cantilever crane. Throughout the rest of the venue, you can find clerestory windows, iron columns, and a double-tiered roof structure. Each element perfectly compliments the Foundry’s history while creating a breathtaking wedding venue.

Phoenixville Foundry History

About the Venue

Throughout the Foundry, you can find 18000 square feet of event space. There are multiple hosting areas throughout the venue. These include the Cupola Ballroom and Mezzanine, Column Truss Bridge, West Patio, and sculpture garden. The Foundry offers a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for a multitude of options.

Phoenixville Foundry Wedding

Cupola Ballroom and Mezzanine

Directly inside, you will find yourself in the Cupola Ballroom, the Foundry’s primary event space. Glittering, spherical lights hang from the ceiling, while iron beams cross overhead. This area can be used both for ceremonies, dinner, and dancefloor space. The openness of the ballroom and mezzanine give a larger than life feel to the venue.

On either side of the main entrance, there is a staircase that leads up to the Mezzanine. The Mezzanine is a perfect area for a cocktail hour. The bride and groom can make their way around the mezzanine as their guests greet them in congratulations. Overlooking the Cupola Ballroom, you can see the Phoenixville Foundry staff transform the space from ceremony to reception.

Phoenixville Foundry Ballroom Mezzanine

Column Truss Bridge

Outside the venue, couples can find the Column Truss Bridge. This area is one of the Foundry’s most popular photo areas. Right next to French Creek, couples can pose on the bridge in any season for beautiful photographs. There are also beautiful views for guests to gaze over as they explore the venue’s grounds.

Phoenixville Foundry Wedding

West Patio

Another outdoor space Phoenixville Foundry offers is the West Patio. The West Patio is a sought after space for outdoor ceremonies. The brick patio and trellis garden set the scene. This romantic area is also great for more photo opportunities. This spacious area can host large parties, and is gorgeous under the stars at night.

Sculpture Garden

A secondary outdoor space is the Sculpture Garden. Directly in front of the building you can find the “Sculptures of Steel” Sculpture Garden. Wrought Iron Phoenix Columns stand tall. The columns once resided in Wilkes Barre, PA’s Stegmaier Brewery. They now reside at the Foundry as a dramatic ceremony location.

Phoenixville Wedding

Catering and Event Services

Along with the Foundry’s stunning architecture, J. Scott Catering manages the venue. J. Scott Catering is known for exemplimetary service and attention to detail. Enjoy award-winning catering with specially curated menus at your Phoenixville Foundry wedding. With delicious cuisine, a gorgeous venue, and top-notch service, you cannot go wrong by choose the Phoenixville Foundry as your wedding venue.

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