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The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia Wedding

Ritz-Carlton Hotel Wedding

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The Ritz-Carlton is nestled in Center City Philadelphia, history and luxury combine. Created from a bank building from 1908, the Ritz showcases neo-classical styles. Outside, the building falls right into what defines Center City Philadelphia: classical, historic, and architecturally breathtaking. Large columns line and stone stairs line the entrance, making a unique photo opportunity. Right next to City Hall, you will get gorgeous views of the city from every angle. Located right on Broad Street, couples can take the classic Broad Street photo in front of City Hall.

Philip Gabriel Photography Ritz-Carlton Night

Inside, the Ritz-Carlton envelops a sense of classic richness, style, and elegance. Parts of the former bank include high ceilings, beautiful balconies, and marble architecture. While the inside is beautiful on its own, it still leaves room for brides and grooms to create their wedding vision. The Ritz Carlton is a perfect venue for couples looking for classic elegance and luxurious style.

Ritz-Carlton PhiladelphiaVenues Options

Grand Ballroom

Ritz-Carlton Wedding


The Ritz-Carlton houses four different venue areas. Each has a unique style that fits into the hotel’s overall design. The largest of the four is the Grand Ballroom. At 6200 square feet, the ballroom can host a reception of 175 guests or more. Everything about the ballroom exudes elegance. Silk lines the room’s walls, while marble columns stand tall to highlight the luxurious space. Tremendous crystal chandeliers hang overhead as you cross the room.

Petite Ballroom

Petite Ballroom Ritz-Carlton

For a slightly smaller space, couples can choose the aptly named Petite Ballroom. This 3000 square foot ballroom can hold up to 100 or more guests. In the Petite Ballroom, windows overlook stunning views of City Hall. The Petite Ballroom’s domed ceilings and intricate architecture set a beautiful backdrop for any reception.

The Exchange

Table at Ritz-Carlton PhiladelphiaThe third space the Ritz-Carlton offers is The Exchange. Formerly known as the Grill Restaurant, The Exchange houses a large mahogany bar, open kitchen area, and window views of Broad Street and City Hall. At 2500 square feet, this space can be used for receptions and dinners.

The Arden and Mellon Balconies

Balcony at Ritz-Carlton Philip Gabriel PhotographyLastly, the fourth, more intimate gathering space, is the Arden and Mellon Balconies.  These balconies overlook the Rotunda, and can lead into the Petite Ballroom. The Mellon Balconies allow you to look over your reception area and also make for great photo opportunities.

The Ritz-Carlton Experience

Each area encompasses the Ritz-Carlton’s vision: to be the prime romantic Philadelphia wedding destination. This hotel was designed to be a wedding venue, which makes it a perfect fit for your dream wedding day. Filled with historic charm and Center City luxury, The Ritz-Carlton will make you feel like royalty. Along with the reception spaces, the Hotel itself offers spa treatments at their Richel D’Ambra Spa & Salon. Everyone can get ready before ceremony, right within the hotel. Their hotel rooms look out over historic Philadelphia and give brides, grooms, and guests a perfect space to wind down after the wedding.

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