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Let Your Vows Be Heard! Capturing Perfect Audio At Your Wedding

February 27, 2015 Blog

Capturing audio on wedding videoIt’s amazing how distinct sounds can spark a flood of memories.

Your favorite song or the sound of a loved one’s voice can trigger an avalanche of smiles and tears of joy as you reminisce on happy moments.

At Allure Films, we understand this better than most. That’s why we take special care when capturing the sights and sounds of your wedding.

Filming your vows, toasts from your loved ones, and the music you dance the night away to are all important aspects of documenting your big day.

How can we be certain we’ve captured the perfect audio to accompany the excellent footage?

First, and foremost, we always record with multiple recorders. Technology has come a long way, but we all have experienced times where our electronics have failed us. When capturing your special day, it’s important to always have back up recorders.

Although our cameras have microphones built in, we rarely use the audio from the camera itself. With at least 3 different devices recording at each wedding, we have plenty of options to choose from when selecting the best quality audio for your video.

Using so many pieces at once also provides an added sense of security. It’s always best to have a backup plan, so if one microphone fails, we’re still guaranteed to never miss a moment recording your big day.

One of our favorite pieces of equipment that we use is a lavalier microphone, which is pinned to the groom’s tuxedo. Having a microphone front and center ensures that every last whisper of your vows is recorded for you and your loved ones to cherish for generations to come.

Our team at Allure Films takes pride in our attention to detail. From the music you walk down the aisle to all the way up to the last “I Love You” of the night, you can be sure that we’ve captured all of the best moments from your special day.

If you’re looking for an expert team to capture the best moments of your wedding or upcoming special event, we’re here for you!

Contact Allure Films today and let us help you make memories to last a lifetime!