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Dilworth Park In Philadelphia Is Open For Weddings!

August 18, 2015 Blog

Philadelphia is notable for its rich history, distinct architecture, endless charm and constant innovation, making it a one of the most iconic hot spots in the country for your wedding!  

Dilworth Park Wedding

Photos by Emily Wren

A recent post by Philadelphia Business Journal shared that the first full wedding was held at the newly renovated and modernized Dilworth Park. The venue is centrally located in Center City, adjacent to the historic City Hall

The park is a stunning location that offers many unique film and photo opportunities!

The Design

Sleek and simplistic, the park presents you with so many options! It allows you to play with different colors schemes when it comes to décor and lighting.

Adding a pop of color allows your videographer to mix color and black-and-white footage. This timeless film style adds glamor without feeling stuffy.

The Fountain

The Fountain at Dilworth is a water sculpture set in motion! Elegant streams of water spout at random intervals and create a lively accent to your festivities. The fountain jets can also be custom-programmed to add more entertainment.

Water creates great texture and depth to your film and photos. Fluid-motion techniques can be applied to capture the “soft, dreamy flow” of the water streams.

The Great Lawn

The Great Lawn provides a splash of greenery in the city’s most vibrant new park. This green space surrounded by seating areas offers guests extra space to hangout at your Dilworth Park wedding.

Having extra mingling areas creates endless ways for your videographer and photographer to capture candid moments of your guests and wedding party.

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