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Planning Your Father-Daughter Dance

June 2, 2015 Blog

Father-Daughter DanceIt’s almost Father’s Day!
This special day, dedicated to celebrating dad, is the perfect time to plan out the moment during your wedding when you celebrate with your dad: the father-daughter dance!

Allure Films knows that there are many ways to make this moment fun, personal, and memorable. When planning your father-daughter dance, be sure to keep the following in mind:

The Emotions

The father-daughter dance can be moving and emotional, both for the two of you and for everyone watching.  Dads will often shed a tear at the thought of his little girl growing up and starting a new life. With a little thought, practice, and planning, you can help make this dance a moment to cherish.

The Tradition

The dance itself is a long-standing custom.  Traditionally, the father danced with the bride first, and then presented her to the groom to dance, symbolizing their steps towards a new life.  It was a beautiful way to express the tender relationship between the bride and the two most important men in her life.

The Song

Some brides chose songs that they have a strong emotional connection with; one that spurs memories of growing up with her father by her side.

If you don’t have a song like this, then there are many favorites to choose from. Search the internet for lists of top father-daughter dance songs, or speak with your dance instructor, DJ, or band leader to ask for suggestions.

Your choice of music can be serious and touching or lighthearted and fun, classic or contemporary… whatever you feel defines your relationship with dad!

The Dancing

Dance lessons will make this tradition so much easier, and can even add to the fun of it!

It is totally normal for the father to be bit nervous regarding this upcoming public display of affection, or regarding their personal dance skills. After just one lesson, everyone is more self-assured and relaxed. Plus, dance lessons offer an excellent bonding experience for you to enjoy with your dad!

The Video

Professional videography is a great way to capture the dance itself as well as the sentiment between the father and daughter.

The moment will pass by very quickly, but an effective videographer won’t miss a second of emotion! Having a video will allow you to relive that special moment with dad for years to come.

Have any additional ideas or advice? Add them to the comments below!

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