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Reception at Union Trust in Philly, PA

October 9, 2023 Wedding Films

A view of the high ceiling Union Trust ballroom before guests arrive.In the heart of Center City Philadelphia, Maggie and Rich celebrated their reception at Union Trust, an enchanting venue that flawlessly merged historic charm with their love story. Adorned by London Florist, the ballroom radiated elegance, echoing the vibrant energy of the city’s beating heart.

Maggie and Rich hold each other during their first dance.Amidst the grandeur of high ceilings and marble columns that pay homage to Union Trust’s rich past, MG Entertainment filled the reception at Union Trust with music and dance that encapsulated the essence of Center City’s liveliness.

Bouquet stem wrap detailsBaiada was there to capture these cherished moments, creating a visual tale that will endure. As stars lit up the night sky over Center City, Maggie, Rich, and their loved ones carried memories of a celebration that not only marked their union but also became a cherished part of Philadelphia’s timeless promise—a promise of love, history, and a future illuminated by the shared adventure they embarked upon within the heart of Center City.

Lobster hors' d'oeuvres in cocktail glasses.We wholeheartedly extend our hopes for Maggie and Rich to experience a life filled with richness and vitality.

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