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The Must-Capture Getting Ready Moments For Your Wedding

July 21, 2015 Blog

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy finding perfect wedding videographer and photographer to shoot your wedding day – now you have to decide which moments you want captured!

There are several must-have moments suggested for your video keepsake and lots of fun options to make your wedding video unique.

The ‘getting ready’ portion of the wedding videos and photos are well-known for producing the most beautiful film and images of the bride and groom. They also allow couples to share the part of their special day where they were apart.

Check out these six must-capture getting ready moments that you will want to remember forever!

1) Primping

Your wedding day will probably be the most photographed day of your life. It is the preparation for your once-in-a-lifetime day and last moments of being single. Capture all the pampering and primping that went into your look!

2) Putting On The Dress

This is a classic and timeless tradition that holds so much meaning and should be remembered forever! Be sure to capture its intricacies in a close-up as well as your team in action helping you get into your gown. 

3) Shoes

We all know that the shoes are just as important as the dress and deserve just as much attention!

Get a good shot of your shoes before you hit the dance floor. Strapping on your heels is also a great way to get shots of your bridal hair. 

4) Rings

The rings chosen for the wedding carries such significance of the couples love and commitment.
Classic or creative – there are many ways to get detailed shots that comprise the first chapter
of your wedding story!

5) Cheers

It’s never too early to celebrate your last few moments with the wedding party before the ceremony! Make sure you get an off-beat group shot with friends!

6) Let Loose

Candid or posed, capturing the girls getting ready is fun you’ll never forget. These are the moments
when the wedding party to unleashes their fun side and an opportunity to capture happy vibes! 



These monumental moments will come and go quickly – make sure it is documented by a professional. At Allure Films, we understand this better than most. That’s why we take special care when capturing your big day.

Contact Allure Films today for more information on our wedding videography packages!