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Jon & Alli’s Micro Wedding Video

April 2, 2021 Wedding Films

 When the pandemic hit Philadelphia last spring, weddings and events were some of the first things to be affected. Brides and Grooms that had spent months planning and years dreaming of their perfect wedding had to pivot last minute or postpone their plans. But, what we saw over and over this year is that love persists, even through trying times. We saw people come together and help each other out from all across the board. One of the biggest changes we saw in the industry this year was the shift to micro weddings and backyard weddings. The first micro wedding that we shot this year was for Jonathan and Alli, a couple who show a great deal of love and dedication. 

Jon and Alli allowed us to interview them to get a firsthand perspective on what it was like to shift to a micro wedding this year. Their reflection is beautiful and their love for each other is apparent. 

Jon and Alli’s Love Story 

Like any modern-day love story, Jon and Alli met online over social media. After talking online for a bit, they decided to meet up in Manayunk. It only took a short walk and conversation over lunch for them to know they were meant to be. 

After being asked how it feels now that they are officially married, they said that it doesn’t feel much different! The couple is incredibly happy and they feel like they are exactly where they need to be right now.  

Jon and Alli Backyard Micro Wedding Video

Jon and Alli Say Their Vows at Their Backyard Micro Wedding

Planning Through the Covid-19 Pandemic

Upon being asked about planning their wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic, the couple said they actually found it more stressful before they switched to a micro wedding. When they decided to have the wedding in their backyard, it allowed them to fully focus on what mattered to them. They chose what was most important for their ceremony, rather than juggling the opinions of family and guests. 

One of the things Jon and Alli were happy to not worry about was a time crunch on their big day. When everything is meticulously planned down to the minute, it’s easy to get caught up with timing and not live in the moment. Jon and Alli were able to ease into the day and just be present in their ceremony, the reason they were there in the first place. 

As many people did this year, Jon and Alli decided they didn’t want to postpone their life plans by pushing their wedding back, so they were happy to pivot to a smaller wedding. Once they made their decision, they went all in and didn’t look back. Jon and Alli say it was the easiest day they’ve ever had!

Jon And Alli Backyard Micro Wedding Video

Jon and Alli Embrace During Their Backyard Micro Wedding

The Micro Wedding

Jon and Alli’s wedding took place in their beautiful backyard on a warm June day. With only a few people present, they said their vows under their chuppah together, surrounded by family. They still had their first dance and cake cutting, just like a traditional large wedding. Jon and Alli don’t feel like they missed out on anything during their big day!

To stay safe and still celebrate, they also had made matching face masks for the guys and girls to wear throughout the ceremony. Jon and Alli also planned a drive-by parade after the ceremony. Anyone local could drive by and celebrate the newlywed couple. 

Live Streaming 

At a traditional wedding, there is a limit to the number of people you can invite. Because Jon and Alli live-streamed their wedding, people from all over the world could join in and celebrate with them. They had guests from Kuwait, Jamaica, and all over the US. Everyone they love could be present without the worry of travel or timing. 

They also prerecorded a few clips to play on their live stream like the ring bearer and flower girl walking down the aisle. These small touches over Zoom were fun and meaningful additions to their video!

Love Persists

Even during a pandemic, many couples like Jon and Alli were able to pivot and create beautiful memories with their micro weddings. By cutting down the distractions, you can focus on what really matters to you on your special day. If you are considering a micro wedding, don’t be afraid to readjust your goals and priorities for your wedding day. You can make it great, if not better, than what you originally planned!

Jon and Alli felt as though their wedding was perfect. They were so happy they didn’t hold back their life plans to reschedule their big day. A big thank you to the happy couple for letting us interview them, and congratulations to Jon and Alli! 

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