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Jessica and Sandra’s Langhorne Backyard Wedding

April 16, 2021 Wedding Films

A Backyard Wedding Ceremony in Langhorne, PA

A Change of Plans to the Big Day

Jessica and Sandra did not originally plan on a backyard wedding ceremony in Langhorne, but the events of the pandemic interrupted them. Determined to get married, after many changes to their plans, the two decided to have a smaller backyard wedding with their family and friends. Some guests were not able to physically attend, but were still able to celebrate via Zoom.  Through constant changes, help from family, and determination, Jessica and Sandra celebrate a beautiful day together.

Backyard Outdoor Lesbian Wedding Couple

Creative and Charming Decor

The backyard was beautifully decorated with homemade decor. The two had signs up with saying that intertwined their last names, such as “#KeepYourHeartYoung” and “CeraSoulMates.” Their decorations tied together their personalities with photographs and charming phrases. Even the pool had decorations in it. Floating on the water, a J, a heart, and an S were surrounded by white flowers. Everything fit perfectly in place to set the scene for Sandra and Jessica’s wedding.

Wedding Letter Decorations

From the First Look to the Ceremony

Before the ceremony, Sandra and Jessica shared a heartwarming first look. They stood back to back while holding hands. They twisted around, still hand in hand, and shared an emotional greeting. Sandy appeared to be holding back tears as she saw her bride-to-be for the first time, while Jessica reacted with pure excitement over the moment. After their first look, the two made their way to the backyard wedding ceremony.

Backyard Wedding Ceremony Lesbian Couple

At the ceremony, Jessica and Sandra recited their vows. Toward the end, you could see the excitement building between them as they placed rings on each other’s fingers. When pronounced, the two shared a first kiss while their guests cheered and whooped. After, they made their way back up the grassy aisle through cheering friends and family.

Langhorne Wedding Reception

For the rest of the night, Jessica and Sandra spent their time with their loved ones in person and on Zoom. Though it was not the original plan, it was great for the two to have their loved ones join them in any way possible. Through an ipad, their virtual guests were able to view the ceremony and their first dance, along with saying congratulations to the two brides.

Langhorne Micro Wedding Zoom

During the speeches, Sandra’s cousin shared her feelings about Jessica and Sandra’s marriage. She raved about Jessica in the speech and how happy she is that the two found each other. She began to choke up as she talked about her “cousin and best friend.” She thanked Jessica for “loving my cousin in a way that no one else can, giving her a love she deserves, and being her biggest fan.” Her speech pulled at everyone’s heartstrings and truly expressed the love between Sandra and Jessica.

From Day to Night

After the speeches and dinner, the sun began to set. The day turned into night as Jessica, Sandra, and their guests extended their celebration under the stars. Everyone danced and celebrated throughout the night with newlyweds. Kids and adults alike had a great time belting out to music and throwing their hands in the air. Our Allure Films team was so grateful to be a part of this day, and especially to work alongside our friends from Morby Photography. Sandra and Jessica’s Langhorne wedding celebration showed that even if things do not go as planned, as long as you are surrounded by good family and friends, it will always be a great day.

Congratulations again to Sandra and Jessica! We wish you two many more fun and loving days together!

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