Videography: Why It Should Be In Your Wedding Budget

May 31, 2022 Blog

Time and time again, couples ask an important question when planning their wedding: “Is wedding videography worth it?

The question is often asked once the wedding photographer is chosen. Why not get the best of both worlds with a photographer and videographer?

Remember, photographers aim to capture the essence of each special moment through a series of photos, while videographers focus on documenting your wedding story in its natural flow.

Here are three great factors to consider when deciding whether wedding videography is worth it:

Hear Everything

The biggest difference between the two is that your wedding video will offer some of the actual audio from your big day.

You will be able to hear the moment you said “I do”, the heartfelt speeches from close family and friends, and the special moments in between. As you celebrate each anniversary, you’ll be able to relive the day exactly as it unfolded. You’ll be able to hear your father’s words, and see his expressions.

Capture All The Moments

Looking to capture all of those amazing wedding moments? You won’t miss a minute with effective videography.

Aside from the big memories, you’ll also have the in-between moments on film – the groom’s emotions before the first look, your grandmother dancing at your reception, your flower girl walking down the aisle, and more.

Take It Anywhere

Once documented, your love story can go anywhere with you – and can be shared for many years to come.

If you’re really stuck on whether wedding videography should be a part of your budget, think about other items that are only temporary, like flowers, food, and even the dress.

Now, consider the value of a video that will last a lifetime. Think it’s worth it?

Have a question about wedding videography or are you looking to book a videographer for your big day? Contact Allure Films today!

Hotel Wedding Videography at The Logan

March 20, 2022 Wedding Films

The Logan Hotel Wedding Celebration

Throughout the last year, we have experienced quite a few micro weddings because of the pandemic. Though small, micro weddings are still just as elegant as full-sized celebrations. This rings true especially if you celebrate at a place like the Logan Hotel. Caset and Daniel, with a guest list under fifteen people, celebrated their big day at The Logan’s courtyard.

Wedding videographer near me

The Set Up

The Logan’s courtyard is an always popular choice for wedding ceremonies. The serene water feature and manicured grounds create the perfect setup for a wedding. In the center of the courtyard, two rows of white chairs lined a grassy aisle. Along the aisle, white flower petals were strewn with care to create the walkway. At the end of the aisle, Casey and Daniel’s chuppah stood tall. The chuppah, fully covered in elegant white flowers, set the scene for their wedding day. With decor from Jamie Rothstein Their stylish decor and The Logan’s ambiance took the small wedding to the next level.
The Logan Wedding Ceremony Film

Before the Ceremony

Before making their way to the ceremony, Casey and Daniel shared a first look atop The Logan at the Assembly Rooftop Bar. On the rooftop, Casey, made her way to her soon-to-be groom. They shared a touching moment as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. The rooftop proved to be an excellent choice for this, with stunning views all around. Even with the views though, the two could only focused their looks on each other. After their first look, Baiada photography snapped some photos of the eager couple.

Videographer Near Me

With the Philadelphia skyline behind them, Casey and Daniel shared a kiss by the rooftop’s edge. They also posed on one of the lounge’s couches, with towering skyscrapers as their backdrop. Casey and Daniel could not ask for a more picturesque backdrop for their wedding photos. After their pre-celebration together, the two made their way downstairs for the main event.


Courtyard Ceremony

Videographer Near MeBack down at The Logan’s courtyard, the two made their grand entrances. From one side of the courtyard, Daniel’s parents walked him toward the end of the aisle. Emerging from the other side, arm in arm with her parents, Casey made her way to her groom. They grinned at each other through their vows, Each shared personalized vows about their bond. Daniel said it best, “Life is an adventure and ours is only in the early stages.”


After their beautiful ceremony, the Casey and Daniel continued their celebration into the night. Jamie Rothstein Floral decorated their wedding table with a plethora of white flowers and candles. The table could fit most of the guests since the list was so condensed. They shared drinks and food in the courtyard, while EBE Talent entertained nearby. Everyone celebrated into the night for Casey and Daniel.

The Logan Hotel Videographer

Our Allure Films wedding videographer team was so happy to be a part of such a special and intimate day. Congratulations again to Casey and Daniel! We wish you many more celebrations together!

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Water Works Philadelphia Wedding

February 2, 2022 Wedding Films

Water Works Philadelphia Outdoor Wedding and Reception

Getting Ready at the Four Seasons Hotel

Bride exiting car at Water Works There is nothing more dreamy than an outdoor wedding, especially if it is held at Cescaphe’s Water Works. Brittany and Drew celebrated their special day with an outdoor ceremony in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. Before the ceremony, they started their day getting ready at the Four Seasons Hotel. With help from her bridal party, Brittany transformed into her wedding gown, makeup, and hair. When finished, Brittany donned a floral, lace dress with a floor length veil. To top it off, she arrived in style in a silver town car to meet Drew at Water Works.

Water Works Philadelphia Wedding VideographerAlong a path nearby, Brittany made her way to meet Drew for the first time that day. In a silver suit, Drew waited for his bride. Their first look was one to remember, and his reaction could not have been better: “Oh my goodness, you look unbelievable! Super unbelievable!”  His eyes lit up as he saw Brittany, and he couldn’t stop exclaiming how beautiful she looked. After sharing their private moment, the two were ready to be wed.


A Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Water Works Gazebo Philadelphia WeddingBrittany and Drew chose to have their ceremony at the Water Works gazebo. You would never guess how close you are to Philadelphia when you see this scenic area. Pastel flowers and transparent fabric hung on the gazebo, adding to the dreamy atmosphere. The riverside space was the perfect ceremony location for their wedding. After walking up the candlelit aisle, Brittany met Drew to begin their ceremony.

One of the most touching parts was Brittany and Drew’s unique vows. They shared vows with a personal twist. For Brittany’s vows, she shared:

“I, Brittany take you, Andrew, as the person you are today and the person you will grow to be tomorrow. I promise to get lost with you, find a way with you, and to hold your hand through all life’s adventures. I promise to be understanding and supporting no matter where this road may lead. No matter where we are, I will be your home and you will be mine. I love you today and promise I will always love you tomorrow.”

Talk about beautiful! They shared a unique and modern take on traditional vows. After exchanging their vows, the officiant named them husband and wife. They walked back up the flower petal aisle as their friends and family cheered around them.

Reception at the Water Works Philadelphia Mill House

Water Works Wedding ReceptionAfter the ceremony, everyone made their way to the Mill House at Water Works. The Mill House is an open, tented area with twinkling lights and outdoor chandeliers. Brittany and Andrew danced the night away with help from our friends from Synergetic. They ensured everyone had a great time dancing and celebrating at the reception with great audio and lighting.

Through many speeches, friends and family celebrated Brittany and Drew’s union. In her speech, Brittany’s sister summed it up best: “To the both of you, I wish you eternal love and happiness, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.” On a funny end, she quoted the Bee Gees saying, “‘You’re more than a woman to me,’ because you are my sister forever and always. I love you guys so much and I am beyond happy for you two.” There was so much love throughout this wonderful day, and our Allure Films team was so glad to be a part of it.

Congratulations again to Brittany and Drew! We wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

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For a second look on what it’s like to have a wedding at Water Works, take a look at Jessica and Thomas’ wedding day!

Woodcrest Country Club Wedding

September 29, 2021 Wedding Films

Woodcrest Country Club, New Jersey Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Getting Ready Before the Ceremony 

Elizabeth and Billy celebrated a beautiful wedding day at the Woodcrest Country Club. Gathered with their closest family and friends, the two began their journey together. Before they saw each other that day, they each shared time with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Billy and his groomsmen prepared with virtual golf and scotch to start the celebration. Separately, after spending time with her bridesmaids, Elizabeth made her way to see her father for the first time on her wedding day.

Elizabeth Meets her Father 

Father Daughter First Look Woodcrest Country Club WeddingElizabeth and her father’s first look was extra touching. In his congratulatory speech, Elizabeth’s father stated, “Liz was Daddy’s girl from the day she was born, and she has always been a princess to me.” In her wedding gown, Elizabeth definitely looked like a princess as well! To end his speech, her father said, “As I see Liz today in a wedding gown, I am very proud of the woman she had grown in to. Susie and I could not be more thrilled to have Billy be part of our family. He is everything I could have hoped and dreamed for my daughter’s partner.” We loved being able to capture such a special bond between Elizabeth and her father on her wedding day.


Woodcrest Country Club WeddingThe First Look

After spending quality time with the wedding party and parents, Elizabeth and Billy continued their day at Woodcrest Country Club. They made their way to each other to share an intimate and heartwarming first look. From the first look on, Elizabeth and Billy shared the most loving smiles with each other. Now, it was time to take those smiles to the ceremony!

A Woodcrest Country Club Wedding Ceremony

Woodcrest Country Club Shannon Wellington Events

Shannon Wellington transformed Woodcrest Country Club into an even more magical setting. The chuppah was beautifully decorated with hundreds of roses for Elizabeth and Billy. Together, in a Jewish ceremony, they came together as husband and wife. In a sea of cheers and “mazel tov”s, Elizabeth and Billy made their way to the reception.

The romantic decor spread on from ceremony into reception with ornately decorated table settings.  To help enhance the party even more, BVT Live’s Jelly Roll entertained.

Shannon Wellington Events

While everyone partied and made their speeches, one of our favorites was from Elizabeth’s niece. Though she was young, her speech was definitely one to remember!  “I want all you guys to look at Aunt Liz in the eyes and say ‘welcome to the Klein family’ please!” With no hesitation, everyone joined her in exclaiming, “Welcome to the Klein family!”

Woodcrest Country Wedding ReceptionThroughout the rest of the night, Elizabeth and Bill danced the night away. The reception continued with so many more heartfelt speeches from friends and family. Each speech had one thing in common though: Elizabeth and Billy were meant to be. Our Allure Films team was so happy to capture so many memories on film. We also worked alongside our talented friend Cliff Mautner, who photographed the day. To Elizabeth and Billy, we hope you have many more happy days together. Mazel Tov!

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Chester Valley Golf Club Wedding

August 11, 2021 Wedding Films

Chester Valley Golf Club Wedding Videographer

Getting Ready

Alec and Julie celebrated their wedding day at the Chester Valley Golf Club. They had a lovely church ceremony followed by a reception at the golf club. Before, however, they prepared at home for their day with close family and friends.

Chester County Wedding Videographer

The day was definitely a family affair. With the help of Julie’s mother, Julie finished up the final touches of her wedding attire. Ready to go, Julie made her way to see her father. As she walked down the stairs, Julie’s father greeted her with open arms. A first look between a father and  daughter is always touching, especially when it is your youngest daughter.


Father Daughter First Look Wedding

Julie had not been the first of her siblings to start a family. At least eight nieces and nephews joined Julie and Alec to celebrate their day. As highlighted in Julie’s sister’s speech, they were ecstatic to have Alec become their uncle. The kids were not the only ones excited to have Alec in the family though. Julie’s whole family spoke of how they felt blessed to merge their families together.


After finishing up at the house, Julie and Alec made their way to the church. Julie’s father walked her down the aisle to a teary-eyed Alec. With traditional but emotional vows, the two joined together as husband and wife. Their friends and family cheered from the pews as they made their way back up the aisle. Now it was time to go continue their celebration at the Chester County Golf Club.

Church Wedding Videography

Reception at Chester Valley Golf Club

The golf club had indoor and outdoor accommodations for the reception. Outside, Julie and Alec took pictures with the wedding party along the lush grounds. Ponds, fountains, and the rest of the golf club made a gorgeous backdrop for all of the photos.  Our friends from Campli Photography captured many beautiful shots throughout the day, while our Allure Films team captured it in film.

Chester Valley Golf Club Wedding Videographer

Inside, the venue had a classic and elegant feel. The timeless decor, gold chandeliers, and natural lighting created a beautiful reception area. Tish Long Flowers added to the scene with their beautiful florals. Stunning white roses stood tall on silver centerpieces at the tables. In perfect wedding fashion, white accents and greenery pulled the style together at the Chester Valley Golf Club.

Chester Valley Golf Club

Alec and Julie celebrated and danced the night away with entertainment from The Heartbeats. After a touching first dance with Alec, Julie joined her father for a dance. Alec also shared a heartfelt dance with his mother, before everyone joined in continue the party. From getting ready in the morning to cutting the cake, every moment was filled with smiles, laughter, and love. As Alec’s best man said, “Welcome to the club of marriage!” Our Allure Films team was so honored to be a part of your special day.

Congratulations again to Julie and Alec! We wish you two many more fun and loving days together!

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Jessica and Sandra’s Langhorne Backyard Wedding

April 16, 2021 Wedding Films

A Backyard Wedding Ceremony in Langhorne, PA

A Change of Plans to the Big Day

Jessica and Sandra did not originally plan on a backyard wedding ceremony in Langhorne, but the events of the pandemic interrupted them. Determined to get married, after many changes to their plans, the two decided to have a smaller backyard wedding with their family and friends. Some guests were not able to physically attend, but were still able to celebrate via Zoom.  Through constant changes, help from family, and determination, Jessica and Sandra celebrate a beautiful day together.

Backyard Outdoor Lesbian Wedding Couple

Creative and Charming Decor

The backyard was beautifully decorated with homemade decor. The two had signs up with saying that intertwined their last names, such as “#KeepYourHeartYoung” and “CeraSoulMates.” Their decorations tied together their personalities with photographs and charming phrases. Even the pool had decorations in it. Floating on the water, a J, a heart, and an S were surrounded by white flowers. Everything fit perfectly in place to set the scene for Sandra and Jessica’s wedding.

Wedding Letter Decorations

From the First Look to the Ceremony

Before the ceremony, Sandra and Jessica shared a heartwarming first look. They stood back to back while holding hands. They twisted around, still hand in hand, and shared an emotional greeting. Sandy appeared to be holding back tears as she saw her bride-to-be for the first time, while Jessica reacted with pure excitement over the moment. After their first look, the two made their way to the backyard wedding ceremony.

Backyard Wedding Ceremony Lesbian Couple

At the ceremony, Jessica and Sandra recited their vows. Toward the end, you could see the excitement building between them as they placed rings on each other’s fingers. When pronounced, the two shared a first kiss while their guests cheered and whooped. After, they made their way back up the grassy aisle through cheering friends and family.

Langhorne Wedding Reception

For the rest of the night, Jessica and Sandra spent their time with their loved ones in person and on Zoom. Though it was not the original plan, it was great for the two to have their loved ones join them in any way possible. Through an ipad, their virtual guests were able to view the ceremony and their first dance, along with saying congratulations to the two brides.

Langhorne Micro Wedding Zoom

During the speeches, Sandra’s cousin shared her feelings about Jessica and Sandra’s marriage. She raved about Jessica in the speech and how happy she is that the two found each other. She began to choke up as she talked about her “cousin and best friend.” She thanked Jessica for “loving my cousin in a way that no one else can, giving her a love she deserves, and being her biggest fan.” Her speech pulled at everyone’s heartstrings and truly expressed the love between Sandra and Jessica.

From Day to Night

After the speeches and dinner, the sun began to set. The day turned into night as Jessica, Sandra, and their guests extended their celebration under the stars. Everyone danced and celebrated throughout the night with newlyweds. Kids and adults alike had a great time belting out to music and throwing their hands in the air. Our Allure Films team was so grateful to be a part of this day, and especially to work alongside our friends from Morby Photography. Sandra and Jessica’s Langhorne wedding celebration showed that even if things do not go as planned, as long as you are surrounded by good family and friends, it will always be a great day.

Congratulations again to Sandra and Jessica! We wish you two many more fun and loving days together!

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Jon & Alli’s Micro Wedding Video

April 2, 2021 Wedding Films

 When the pandemic hit Philadelphia last spring, weddings and events were some of the first things to be affected. Brides and Grooms that had spent months planning and years dreaming of their perfect wedding had to pivot last minute or postpone their plans. But, what we saw over and over this year is that love persists, even through trying times. We saw people come together and help each other out from all across the board. One of the biggest changes we saw in the industry this year was the shift to micro weddings and backyard weddings. The first micro wedding that we shot this year was for Jonathan and Alli, a couple who show a great deal of love and dedication. 

Jon and Alli allowed us to interview them to get a firsthand perspective on what it was like to shift to a micro wedding this year. Their reflection is beautiful and their love for each other is apparent. 

Jon and Alli’s Love Story 

Like any modern-day love story, Jon and Alli met online over social media. After talking online for a bit, they decided to meet up in Manayunk. It only took a short walk and conversation over lunch for them to know they were meant to be. 

After being asked how it feels now that they are officially married, they said that it doesn’t feel much different! The couple is incredibly happy and they feel like they are exactly where they need to be right now.  

Jon and Alli Backyard Micro Wedding Video

Jon and Alli Say Their Vows at Their Backyard Micro Wedding

Planning Through the Covid-19 Pandemic

Upon being asked about planning their wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic, the couple said they actually found it more stressful before they switched to a micro wedding. When they decided to have the wedding in their backyard, it allowed them to fully focus on what mattered to them. They chose what was most important for their ceremony, rather than juggling the opinions of family and guests. 

One of the things Jon and Alli were happy to not worry about was a time crunch on their big day. When everything is meticulously planned down to the minute, it’s easy to get caught up with timing and not live in the moment. Jon and Alli were able to ease into the day and just be present in their ceremony, the reason they were there in the first place. 

As many people did this year, Jon and Alli decided they didn’t want to postpone their life plans by pushing their wedding back, so they were happy to pivot to a smaller wedding. Once they made their decision, they went all in and didn’t look back. Jon and Alli say it was the easiest day they’ve ever had!

Jon And Alli Backyard Micro Wedding Video

Jon and Alli Embrace During Their Backyard Micro Wedding

The Micro Wedding

Jon and Alli’s wedding took place in their beautiful backyard on a warm June day. With only a few people present, they said their vows under their chuppah together, surrounded by family. They still had their first dance and cake cutting, just like a traditional large wedding. Jon and Alli don’t feel like they missed out on anything during their big day!

To stay safe and still celebrate, they also had made matching face masks for the guys and girls to wear throughout the ceremony. Jon and Alli also planned a drive-by parade after the ceremony. Anyone local could drive by and celebrate the newlywed couple. 

Live Streaming 

At a traditional wedding, there is a limit to the number of people you can invite. Because Jon and Alli live-streamed their wedding, people from all over the world could join in and celebrate with them. They had guests from Kuwait, Jamaica, and all over the US. Everyone they love could be present without the worry of travel or timing. 

They also prerecorded a few clips to play on their live stream like the ring bearer and flower girl walking down the aisle. These small touches over Zoom were fun and meaningful additions to their video!

Love Persists

Even during a pandemic, many couples like Jon and Alli were able to pivot and create beautiful memories with their micro weddings. By cutting down the distractions, you can focus on what really matters to you on your special day. If you are considering a micro wedding, don’t be afraid to readjust your goals and priorities for your wedding day. You can make it great, if not better, than what you originally planned!

Jon and Alli felt as though their wedding was perfect. They were so happy they didn’t hold back their life plans to reschedule their big day. A big thank you to the happy couple for letting us interview them, and congratulations to Jon and Alli! 

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Karin and Emanuel’s Merion Wedding Ceremony Video

April 2, 2021 Wedding Films

An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in the Grass in Merion Station

Karin and Emanuel proved that a simple grassy backyard in Merion can turn into an intimate wedding location. With decor from Jamie Rothstein Floral & Event Design, their backyard venue transformed into an elegant outdoor ceremony location. A gorgeous chuppah adorned in white flowers and greenery stood tall at the end of the aisle. Along the aisle, scattered white flower petals lined the walkway. The set up pulled together the florals with the already natural atmosphere.

Merion Station Wedding Film

First Look

Before the ceremony, Emanuel waited for his bride at the chuppah, the bouquet in hand. Karin made her way to meet him and tapped him on the shoulder for them to see each other for the first time that day. Immediately, the two started getting emotional and shared a hug. Their big day had finally arrived! Emanuel admired his bride-to-be before they made their way back.

First Look at Merion Wedding Video Clip

Signing the Ketubah

Before the ceremony begins, traditionally, Jewish couples sign a Ketubah. The Ketubah is essentially a marriage contract for the bride and groom. Signed by the rabbi or cantor, the marrying parties, and witnesses, the Ketubah will then be read aloud at the ceremony. It is an essential piece of the Jewish wedding ceremony and has been practiced for thousands of years. After signing, Emanuel made a heartfelt speech to his brothers, thanking them for being a part of he and Karin’s special day and signing the Ketubah. After signing, everyone made their way outside for the ceremony.

Merion Station PA Ketubah Ceremony

The Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Merion

Karin and Emanuel celebrated a traditional ceremony underneath their beautiful chuppah. Many of their friends and family took part in the ceremony, reciting traditional readings. Karin and Emanuel spent their ceremony smiling at one another throughout, and then making their vows. After placing their rings on each other’s fingers, Emanuel smashed the glass. Their family and friends erupted in a roar of “Mazel tov!” The two danced their way back up the aisle as their guests cheered for them and clapped in celebration.

Merion Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Aisle

The Reception

After the outdoor wedding ceremony, everyone made their way to the outdoor reception. On the way, everyone stopped to hug and congratulate the happy couple. Tears were shed and emotions ran high as family and friends came together to celebrate. Then, the two shared a dance on the pavement underneath the sky. After giving Karin a spin, Emanuel grinned at Karin and the two shared a laugh. It was as if no one else was around them. They continued to dance as their guests cheered on around them. Their then guests joined in for the horah. Energy ran high within the group as everyone celebrated Karin and Emanuel’s special day.

First Dance in Merion Station

After all the dancing, everyone made their way to the reception tent. Decorated similarly to the chuppah, the tent had greenery draped on it along the inside. The decor for this Merion wedding matched perfectly with the outdoor setting. With great weather and a  great community of people around them, Karin and Emanuel celebrated the perfect day.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Video Merion PA

We want to congratulate them on celebrating such an important milestone. Karin and Emanuel, Mazel tov!

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An Outdoor Ellis Preserve Wedding

Videography Coverage: Which Is Right For You?

March 11, 2021 Wedding Films

Videography Coverage Options and Film Lengths

At Allure Films, we offer a variety of videography coverage options. We have five options, starting from a basic package to a more detailed option for your big day. Everyone receives our “Feature” package when they book with us, and then every package after that builds from it.

Within these packages are different lengths of films: The ninety minute Feature Film, the three to five minute Preview film, and the one minute Social film. Each of these films captures your wedding day story, varying only by the details included. With different length films, it allows you to share your wedding multiple different ways.

Film Lengths

The Social Film

Our newest addition to our videography offerings is the social film. This one minute film is designed to be shared on social media, specifically Instagram. This gives you a great way to show off the primary parts of your wedding day. This film gathers every incredible moment of your day and condenses it into a one minute video. Check out the video below for an example from Leah and Matthew’s wedding day.

The Preview Film

One step above the social film is the Preview Film. Preview films can vary in length but are typically between three and five minutes. Previews films hold more detail than the social film, and show off more of your special day by gathering the most important parts. Every tier of our coverage options comes with a Preview Film. See the film below for the Preview version of Anya and Russell’s wedding day:

The Recap Film

This highlight film is perfect for entertaining and includes all key events of the day with customer-selected music and key live audio. At around 15 minutes, this film captures longer speeches, and more moments throughout your big day. Show it off to guests that attended at the next get together!

The Feature Film

The last type of film we offer is the Feature Film. The Feature includes comprehensive documentary of the entire day featuring live audio of the ceremony, reception, and entertainment as well as other key events of the day. The feature film is meant for memories and to preserve your legacy. This ninety minute film captures a broad range of your wedding day from start to finish. You will be able to relive speeches from family and friends, your vows, and other great moments. The feature film can be passed down for generations to come, or simply just to relive your most special day. As one of Allure Films’ fundamental elements, we offer this film with every tier of our coverage options.

Coverage Options

The Feature

The Feature coverage comes with one film maker for six to eight hours, ceremony and reception coverage, a feature length 90 minute film, a three to five minute preview film, and one thumb drive with the films. This coverage is designed to capture the essence of your day with the addition of a preview film. As our most basic package, this will give you the standard wedding film from one of our expert videographers and editors, but will not be as detailed as our other packages.


A step above the Feature, our Documentary coverage option adds a solid eight hours of coverage and an additional camera at the ceremony. The additional camera is great for capturing different angles of the ceremony. You will be able to catch different reactions of your guests and get a different perspective on the events that unfold. Documentary Coverage also includes a recap and a social film.

Videography Coverage

Two different angles from the same ceremony, provided by an extra camera.

Journalist and Journalist Plus

The Journalist Coverage is our most popular option among couples. A key feature of the Journalist option is dual pre-ceremony coverage. This means our day starts with yours. We film what happens behind the scenes before everyone gathers together. Some of the most touching moments happen during this time. Our team has captured brides and grooms unwrapping emotional gifts, heartfelt moments with the wedding party, and first looks from their parents. This shows the emotion that starts before you reach the end of the aisle. Check out the clip below for a look at a visit from a furry friend before the ceremony. The groom attached a note to their dog and the dog delivered it to his bride to be!


For even more coverage you can opt for our Journalist Plus package. This option adds a second filmmaker to your day and extends coverage length to ten hours. This option is great for couples with a large guest list, around 250 and above. A second film maker can gather twice as many angles and events.  Two filmmakers ensure full pre-ceremony coverage of both halves of the wedding party.


Our most inclusive videography coverage option is the Producer package. The Producer includes three film makers and a sound engineer. This option is for longer weddings that require extra coverage. We designed this option for those with large-scale weddings to ensure you receive an adequate amount of coverage at our highest quality.

Our coverage options all come with a variety of add-ons including Zoom services, blu-ray discs, rehearsal dinner coverage, and more.

To view all our our coverage options and extra add-ons, visit our coverage page here.


Appleford Estate Wedding – Rachel & Shawn Video

February 3, 2021 Appleford Estate

An Appleford Estate Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Rachel and Shawn celebrated their big day with a beautiful Appleford Estate wedding in Villanova. With lush greenery, a fieldstone home, and sparkling ponds and waterfalls, Appleford feels like a romantic dream.  This 24 acre venue is perfect for outdoor weddings along rows or flowers and forest. In her vows, Rachel recalled how she wanted to feel like a Disney princess growing up. With Appleford Estate’s fairytale venue and finding Shawn as her prince, Rachel’s dreams came true.

Appleford Estate Wedding Outdoor Photo

Outdoor Wedding Photo at Appleford Estate

The First Look

Before the day began, Rachel and Shawn shared their first look upon Appleford’s grounds. Their humorous and emotional meeting summed up the kind of couple that they are. At first, Shawn did not get close enough to Rachel so did not see him, prompting him to give a tug on her veil. A bit stunned, Rachel turned and laughed with her soon to be husband. They were a mixture of laughter and tears as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. Shawn remarked, “You look beautiful” as he wiped a tear from his eye. After their heartfelt meeting, Rachel and Shawn continued on to pose for photos around the estate.

First Look at Appleford Estate

Photo Opportunities

We were joined by our friends from Philip Gabriel Photography on this special day. Working alongside them, our Allure Films captured Rachel and Shawn’s shared moments. All across Appleford Estate there are a multitude of picturesque backdrops. These made for gorgeous wedding photos for the two. In every photo, their smiles were so genuine, it was like they were not even aware that we were there to get videos and photos. The two walked hand in hand through the gardens and ponds to make their way to the ceremony location.

Wedding Ceremony at Appleford Estate

An Outdoor Appleford Estate Wedding Ceremony

Rachel and Shawn shared their intimate ceremony in the grass at the estate. Large, overhanging trees filled the area’s background.  Luckily, they had beautiful weather for their outdoor ceremony and the sun shone through the trees through it. White flower petals lined the aisle and led up to a beautifully decorated chuppah. Rachel and Shawn shared personalized vows and a sand mixing tradition for their ceremony. During their vows, there was a mix of humor and sincerity. Shawn choked up throughout his vows, while referencing inside jokes between the two. He also vowed “If you ever lose your sparkle, I will shine you up to your former luster, and if you ever get lost, I will guide you home because home is where you are, and home is where I want to be.” After the vows, they celebrated with a unity ceremony. This ceremony has the two combine different colored sand into a container, representing their lives being joined together in union. When pronounced, their guests cheered wildly for the two newlyweds.

Appleford Estate Wedding

The Reception

The reception was held on Appleford Estate’s outdoor terrace. Guests danced and dined inside and out of the stone terrace. Family and friends gave speeches about Rachel and Shawn individually and their relationship together. Each speech developed one theme, however, Rachel and Shawn are each other’s best match. The two continued to celebrate throughout the night with more laughter, dancing, and smiles. We were so grateful that our Allure Films could help capture such a magical day. Rachel and Shawn, we hope you two share many more days of laughter together. Mazel tov!

Appleford Estate Terrace Wedding

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